1928 – Forever

Legends are born, but they never die. All is left is a deep yearning in the hearts of those who know the value they bring to their lives. Such was one ‘Alyque’ for the advertising world.

Some have had the honor to know him personally, while there have been others – secret admirers. And then again there are those who have known him, without actually knowing him –  the ones walking the path that he paved.

When such amazing people are around us, we float carefree knowing that they are taking care of all the daily chores, things like holding the fort, industry growth, nurturing future talent, innovating or discovering new trajectories to bounce off problems and discovering solutions.

But suddenly when one day they move on to a bigger purpose, levitating out of our sight, do we jolt out of our taking-for-granted approach. Start turning pages, sifting through memories, surfing the internet or any other means that we can think of; trying to find that vanishing light of his teachings, discoveries, and achievements. Struggling to catch on to that last thread, which has long floated away attached to the corner of his white robe that he now adorns.


I didn’t know him

Who he was

And yet when today he’s gone

Why do I pause


Pause to think

Wanting to know him

Feeling unnerved

Why does he feel part of my kin?


No he was not family

Yet he was

Why do I feel that I do

Why do I pause


Nothing has changed

Not the colour of the sky

Or whatever I say is my

Then why do I pause


Take him away

But make sure he’s fine

‘Cause I got from him

What I call mine


You may take him away

But make sure he’s fine

For when I follow

I’ll meet him this time


I didn’t know him

And yet I do

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