Aagneya (sans Aag-nee-y)

A masculine construction of the word 'Agni', Aagneya is the son of fire god. Flammable, fiery, born out of fire, it is the formidable force behind creativity. The value deep-set in our team and the core of our business.

The fire represents dynamic creativity. It’s wild and mystical, magical, it’s alive. Fire’s basic character is to spread and if uncontrolled it can be unpredictable and dangerous. Hence, the masculine part that controls this wildness of the feminine. Strong, powerful and authoritative it synchronizes to bring out the best in the fire.

To put it simply, our creative product is represented by fire and our relationship management style is represented by the masculine side. The two forces are naturally present in all our people. This is the passionate yet sincere Aagneya experience that our clients consistently enjoy.

Aagneya is the brain child of not one person, but a belief. 

Our Fuel

Aagneya is a new-age agency with an advertising insight so deep rooted in our heart and soul that even Chanakya would have been proud of us.

While our core skills focus on marketing and communication, we are a media agnostic agency. We blend intelligent creativity with a sincere collaborative approach, consistently striving to deliver powerful results for our clients.

Our Business Values

We believe that most successful business relationships are built on shared values. And some of those that define us are:

INTELLIGENCE : With our approach to creativity, we are more than decorative - we are cerebral. We are driven to develop equitable creativity that challenges you and your audiences. It commands a memorable experience making you stop and think.

ENERGY : We are not floral or even big fans of minimalism. We are young, fresh, buzzing, we are vibrant. We have an attitude and are, at times, creatively unpredictable. We relish change and new challenges.

HEART : Once we commit ourselves we are driven to deliver. We believe in our ability to guide our clients towards their goals. We work hard to make our every moment count.

TRUTH : We make no bones about who we are. We have no airs and graces. We are straightforward and we know that even as creative people, we have a commercial role that we need to fulfill. We are transparent, to the point and honest, believing it to bring out the best in relationships.

Our Force

Dark she couldn't see.
And it did not exist for Alice.
All she saw was dreams.
And they led her.
From the darkest abyss to the brightest mirages.

You can only take so much heat, before turning into pure fire.

SHWETA AHUJA, the power behind 'AAGNEYA' is driven by pure passion, selfless zeal and utter optimism. After a decade and a half of aggressive advertising, Shweta has not only vowed to turn heads, but also to turn the world into something else.

And she's going to give it even a little more than all she has.

Shweta Ahuja
Executive Creative Director

So peaceful and swaying the bull stood,
That they couldn't be blamed for
misunderstanding the extent of his power.
But then he was not too keen on
showing it off as well.

VISHAL AHUJA quit his job as Vice President in one of the country's leading multinationals, to explore his other side. "Lanning & Networking is what we also do in advertising right! Connecting people with brands and helping business run smoothly to success."

Sure, that's another way of putting it.

He is ready to take on any challenge that comes his way. With a logical and strategic mind, he hates to lose.

Vishal N Ahuja
Business Head

Manish Gupta
Accounts Curator & Operation Head

More than 20 years of experience in the industry and a single motto - ‘to do or die’.