Morning kisses and goodnight prayers, ah! what is that, let’s be indulged in figuring out the rather more important things in life such as FB and Insta statuses. How could we forget to find a picture with our mothers and flush it with ZUNO or SLUMBER to put them as mother’s day post. Who cares to talk to mother, she must be fine, anyway.


How many timenocializings do we tell kids not to play games on phones, put aside the ipads…start reading, go out to play? But the question is, are we setting that example for them? Are we going out to meet friends, are we spending enough time with family, with kids…NO.


Thanks to the new found faff – NOcialising. ‘Nocializing’ is defined as “The act of being out in a social public setting (i.e. Restaurant, Cocktail Bar, Coffee shop) and only spending time on your mobile device; not the people with or around you.” – Urban Dictionary.


In past 3 years, no. of stressed relationships has increased, as nothing kills romance faster than pulling out a smartphone, research too confirms it. Being engrossed in to your phone sabotages your attachment with your loved ones.


Real-life interactions are dulled, eye contacts and appropriate responsive gestures are missing. Given that the urge to check the phone without any reason again and again has become sort of a compulsive disorder, weaving in the distraction in communication and either of the partner gets irate. Just like a ‘self-gratification’ process. You feel like communicating in silo, alone, it comes handy and without much fuss. So it’s an easy way out, what else we human beings want, an easy escape. Smartphone has given us that…and we are banking on it!


Acquiring knowledge is great, but are not beneath this superior knowledge the delicate relationships, crushing? Behind the virtualness of the friend lists, the innocence of friendship is going haywire? In the lieu of counting the likes, love is getting lost? All we are acquiring is junk…depressions, complexes, slavery. Why? What for, what are we losing otherwise, which race we will miss out on, which world will shut down…which atlas will go shrugged if we will ‘nocialize’?


Let us know the answer if you find one.


CREDIT: Preeti Thapa