Aagneya (sans Aag-nee-y)

A masculine construction of the word ‘Agni’, it is the ‘son of fire’. Born out of fire, flammable, fiery, it is the formidable force behind creativity. The value deep-set in our team and our business.

The mystical fire represents dynamic creativity, it’s the magic. It breathes and it spreads. Uncontrolled it can be everything wild. Unpredictable and dangerous. Hence the masculine part, that controls the wildness of the feminine. Strong, powerful and authoritative it brings out the best in the fire with compassion. To put it simply, our creative product is represented by fire and our relationship management style is represented by the masculine side. The two forces are naturally present in all our people – resulting in a singular, united and focused team. This is the passionate yet sincere Aagneya experience that our clients consistently enjoy.